About Us

Zhejiang Xingdeli Textile Co., Ltd. was established on 1970-01-01. Previously called Haining Zhuchang Cotton Mill. In 1998, it renamed as Zhejiang Xingdeli Textile Co., Ltd. Our company is located in Zhuchang, Xieqiao town, Haining city, Zhejiang province. The manufacture base have land area around 60000 m2, plant area more than 60,000 m2. Each year, we can spinning about 6000 tons of dyed wool blended yarns, and up to 10,000 tons of white color wool blended yarns. In order to fulfilling the rapid market demand and pursue the ultimate customer experience, we have a stock of more than 3,000 tons of dyed and white yarn, and has warehouses and stores in the main woolen sweater production bases in Zhejiang and Guangdong.
      During the last 49 years, with the great efforts by two generations of people, our company went through all kinds of ups and downs in this brutal market, still survive and even thrive. Now we are one of the largest manufacturers for wool blended yarns in China. Our main production equipments are imported from Germany, Italy and Japan. We also have mechanical department to maintain and improving our current production machines. We adopt 6S Management System to ensure production safety, environmental protection and high efficiency. Our Science Laboratory equipped with advanced testing equipment and professional R & D team, to ensure the cutting edge technology and high quality product. We paid decent amount of salary to our workers, more than 400 employees working hard every day for our customers. Most of them are happy with their job, and stay with us for long time.
  We mainly produce pure wool yarns and wool blended yarns. Our products are mainly used in sweaters, socks, gloves, fabrics and sportswear. Our products sells well both in domestic and in international. We closely cooperated with many famous clothing brands in the world.



Our vision

Make 10% of the world's population wearing our products.


Our mission


Always make environmentally friendly, durable, high quality products. Make everyone who wear our products feel comfortable and warm


Our Value

Equal - We treat each of our employee equally, and treat each of our customer equally.

Science - It is necessary to improve product strength through scientific research and scientific methods.

Honesty - 100% fulfill the promise to customers, make uncompromised product

Cost Effective - Whether high-end or low-end, the price of our product must be in accordance with the quality.

Attraction - Must create beautiful, stylish, trend-setting products that exceed customer expectations.

Happiness - We enjoy the happiness of making great products, and our products also bring happiness to our customers.





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Tel: +86 1585736716 6

E-mail: sales @ xdlyarns.com